Do you love history, especially the history of the “War Between The States”?

Would you like to make history “come alive” and learn more?

Do you long for simpler more genuine times, an escape from modern problems?

Do you wish for camaraderie with like-minded people, the fun of camp life, the smell of fresh coffee over a campfire, and the glow of candle lanterns?

If your answer is YES to questions above, you might like becoming a Living Historian!

(Some folks call it re-enacting.)

"We are a family-oriented unit of men, women and children (families) as well as single men and women, portraying the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Co D. We chose to be Confederates because they fought hard for what they believed in- protecting their homes, states' rights, equal treatment in commerce, elimination of illegal tariffs, and preservation of the agricultural way of life. You can help us keep their stories alive and preserve their values, while having a good time of it! The 2nd Kentucky Cavalry is always eager to recruit new and dedicated members in any area. We have mounted and dismounted cavalry troops, a cannon crew, and a cannon guard in our military section.

Ladies, you can participate in an afternoon tea, a period fashion show, or perhaps dance a waltz at the evening ball. If that is too calm for you, how about a battle field nurse, ice angel, cook, laundress, seamstress, or we have some ladies that don a uniform for the day and stand shoulder to shoulder with the men folk helping defend hearth and home, but don’t get discovered!

For the younger ones, there are just too many fun (supervised) activities to list. You can decide your role and whether you want to portray someone as you get familiar with “living history."

We don’t tolerate profane language or drunken behavior, but we do have a great time and help each other, as we live in the camp and demonstrate the history of the times of the War Between the States. We invite you to visit with us, spend a little time in camp talking and think about joining our unit! If you’d like to think about it and study this, here’s where you can find out more about us:

"As a added benefit starting January 1st 2013, for full members, will be a full service field dental clinic staffed by skilled and trained NCO's with the latest training in the painless tooth extraction program. See attached pictures of the clinic on its first day of operation. So if you have teeth problems, remember, we can pull it, drill it or blow it out. I know Trooper Anthony was just as excited as the rest of the staff".